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We are a family owned company that strives to protect our client’s hard earned wealth.
We keep our overhead costs low so we can pass on the savings to our clients. We do not pay big named actors to endorse our company. We let our service, prices and most of all our integrity do the selling for us.
Our Vision is Realistic
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"As a customer of Desert Gold Exchange, I have been treated well. I came into precious metal investments as an amateur asking many questions. Every question I had asked was answered. Every order I purchased was processed in a timely manner. Gene Miller, my DGE broker was very informative in the subject matter of Precious Metal Investment. Prices at DGE were lower than moderate to big name companies. I have recommended DGE to friends and family and continue to do so. I will continue to do business with DGE and Gene Miller. Thanks DGE and Gene Miller."

William S.

"I was laid off and was looking for a safe haven for my rollover distribution. Gene made this process easy and transparent. I now have my rollover in a precious metals IRA which has outperformed any mutual funds or 401(k)'s I have previously owned. I have referred both friends and family to Gene. My father wanted to lock down some cash and Gene advised him to go with some gold numismatics. My father is extremely happy with his purchase and so am I knowing his funds are no longer depreciating, and are making money."

Michael J.

Receiving my product couldn’t have been more timely, in that I was able to visit your office and pick up the product in person. Given my overall experience with you as my contact at Desert Gold Exchange, I am confident any purchases I might make that would, of necessity, need to depend on some form of delivery service, also be timely. I am also very satisfied with your pricing and your knowledge of your competitors, so much so that I am comfortable recommending DGE to others, and am considering my next ‘foray’ into the market and what might be appropriate for my circumstances.

Bruce B.

When I called DGE from a radio commercial, I was loaded for bear, you see I talked to some other gold companies prior and they tried strong arming me and wouldn't answer me squarely.

When I called, Grace answered the phone, I asked her some questions that the other gold companies were tricky with. She answered square and direct. There was such an air of decency and honesty I immediately drew very comfortable with her over the phone. I knew this was the person I needed to talk to and educate me further.

Grace attempted to introduce me to Gene Miller. I wasn't interested as I knew I found an honest person in the gold industry and was delighted. I gave Gene a chance, he is just as courteous, honest and answered my questions with the same integrity. He further educated me and in trusting his judgement and short order I have made a size able increase, in fact better then my expectations.

The never reached an end to the patience of anyone at DGE with my beginner to novice questions.

The prices where explained with their costs and understanding of their reasonable markup. No one has ever tipped their hand to me like that before. I recommended only my friends to DGE. I want them to win like I did. The rest can go to Republic and the others learn the hard way. Once in a while you find a company as good as DGE. But really the people make the company and I now call them my friends.

Your friend Mark S.

I was shopping for a gold dealer to start a gold IRA, and after interviewing several in various states, I settled on Desert Gold Exchange. Their pricing was competitive, but it was their service,professionalism and attentiveness that convinced me to use DGE. In this economy, advertisements abound for gold dealers, and I found DGE through an internet search, not an ad, but I am glad that I did.

Steve G.

I called with many questions for DGE. Since I was purchasing a precious metal for the first time there were many things I was unfamiliar with. I expected to be pressured, but the expectation was unwarranted.

I sent my college aged daughter to pick up our items for the first transaction. The office was professional and she and her friend were treated with courtesy and respect. DGE even took time to answer their questions (even though they are "poor" college students). At no time did my odd way of ordering seem a concern to DGE. They handled everything extremely professionally. However, thereafter we had insured shipments sent, that arrived promptly.

Gene treated me as a professor would treat an intelligent student. I peppered him with questions and he patiently answered every one, while explaining items I had not even considered.

We actually looked on Ebay. DGE's prices were better! When you take into account the hassle and the risks, DGE's prices are better by far.

Purchasing Gold and Silver from someone you trust is invaluable. I would recommend no other than DGE.

Just as you would not purchase a home from someone unfamiliar with real estate, you need a trustworthy source when purchasing precious metals. DGE sets the bar. They were just as, if not more than, as professional as our financial advisers; whom also take the teaching attitude when it comes to selling. If you are just investigating this necessary diversification DGE is the only one to call. And since their prices are so great they are the ones to go to when you are ready to purchase.

Melanie L.

As a novice entertaining thoughts of buying Gold, Mr. Miller consulted with me and helped me make what I think were very intelligent and rewarding decisions concerning the purchases that I did make with Desert Gold Exchange.

Dennis J.

From the very moment I contacted Gene at Desert Gold Exchange I was treated with total respect and courtesy. In fact he made special arrangements to meet with me early one morning to accommodate my business schedule. I purchased a good sum of gold and was very impressed with the honesty and competitiveness of my transaction. I would highly recommend anyone looking to invest in precious metals to contact DGE.

Sincerely D. Stewart

I want to thank you for the pleasant business relationship recently. My gold coins were shipped at the appointed time. All my questions were answered plus your advise was helpful in making other financial decisions. Your prices also were very competitive. I am presently weighing some options to make additional purchases.

Thank you for all your help
Walker C.

"What to expect when dealing with DGE: A pleasant greeting, straightforward Q & A, the winner in price comparisons, rapid delivery, frequent updates and feel pleased with the transaction."

Mae M.

From the first contact with Desert Gold Exchange I was welcomed and treated with patience and understanding. They did not try to take advantage of my first time Gold and silver purchase. I had contacted other companies prior to DGE. They treated me like they were a commissioned based salesman. I did not feel like I received all the information I needed to make my own choices, and was pushed into more expensive options.

At DGE, I received a respectful explanation of my options. They allowed me to fully make my OWN choice. I was able to make my purchase and receive it within 24 hours. Since, my first experience was so easy, I would phone or email to ask for more advise. DGE never pushed me for a sale or tried to persuade me to buy a certain item.

I was the one who was in charge of the purchase, and had to tell them exactly what I wanted to purchase after they so patiently answered all my questions (sometimes over days).

My husband still insisted that I check DGE prices even though I told him that these were the people I trusted. Come to find out DGE did prove themselves. They claim that they have the best prices out there, and they prove it, without haggling for it, or telling them I found it cheaper somewhere else. My first price was their best price and beat their competition.

Thank you DGE for all of your advise and patience. Now I sound like a gold and silver expert!
Carrie W.

Prior to doing business with Desert gold Exchange I interviewed several companies. Not only was DGE very competitive when it came to price, they were and continue to be transparent regarding their business practices. They have responded quickly to our questions, and our transactions could not have been handled more smoothly. I would recommend them to anyone interested in purchasing precious metals.

John T.

At DGE Gene made us feel like we were friends, not just customers. Our coins were delivered ahead of our original timeline and we know much more now, than we did initially . We believe the local markets pricing to be about equal, but Desert Gold Exchange pricing is far and away less expensive than the touted "radio & TV metal dealers" pricing! In regard to pricing..... it wasn't all about the initial cost, it WAS about TRUST. We conducted what we thought to be due diligence, and felt the knowledge, professionalism and experience level at Desert Gold Exchange was hands down, better than the other metals dealers we had investigated.

Larry and Doreen W.